Here’s What You Can Do When You Have Hard Water

Hard water is defined as water that contains specified amounts of minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, and magnesium. Some people don't realize they have hard water until they start having difficulties that are common in hard water homes, such as skin problems or clothes that appear unclean even after washing. While some of these [...]

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The Hidden Dangers of Hard Water

We’re all aware of the limescale deposits on toilets, washing machines, and so forth. That’s all caused by hard water, and it can be quite annoying. However, there are other effects that hard water can have on your life without you even realizing it. In some cases, these effects might only become obvious after prolonged [...]

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What is hard water and how does it affect your home?

The word “hard water” is obviously not a new term to many as it is possible you’ve heard it once before. It is a kind of water that has high mineral content as a result of percolation via some deposition of compounds such as limestone or gypsum—which normally contain carbonates of calcium and magnesium, bicarbonates [...]

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