6 Tips On Your Garden Maintenance, Keep It In Great Condition

Gardening is a great way to add beauty, life, and even food to any property. With the right knowledge and tools, gardening can become an enjoyable hobby that brings its own rewards. From understanding what plants grow best in your area to learning proper pruning techniques, there are many steps involved in maintaining a healthy [...]

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Looking To Supercharge Your Tomato Plants? Try Companion Planting!

Do you want to maximize the growth and health of your tomato plants? Consider companion planting! Companion planting is a great way to boost the growth of your tomato plants and ensure they are healthy and productive. It is an age-old gardening practice that has been used for centuries to increase the yields of crops [...]

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How to Choose Shade Cloth for Growing Vegetables

Are you growing vegetables but unsure what shade cloth you should use? Or maybe you are stuck choosing the best shade cloth for growing vegetables. Knowing which shade cloth best suits your vegetables can sound like a difficult task, but with the right guide, you can get it right. This post will detail everything about [...]

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The Ultimate Micro Garden Guide for Small Homeowners

Circumstances sometimes dictate where you can live. Maybe you don't have much outdoor space, but you have plenty of space indoors for a garden. Or your small apartment or condominium can use a dash of green to liven it up. If so, why not start microgrowing? What is microgrowing? Microgrowing is like regular gardening, but [...]

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4 Post-Harvest Care And Handling Tips For Your Home Produce

Exploring the world of agriculture is no easy task. From selecting crops to planting seeds and harvesting ripe produce, everything is a challenge. That’s why local farmers are so particular about the quality of their harvest. This is where post-harvest handling comes in. Post-harvest handling is a practice that minimizes product losses due to spoilage, [...]

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5 Essential Tips To Grow Tomatoes Indoors

Tomatoes are delicious fruits adored universally.  Whether it is a pasta sauce, a fresh salad, a salsa, or a sandwich, tomatoes are quite the staple vegetable we need year-round.  However, the current inflation of food prices has shot tomato prices through the roof - especially in the winter. So, naturally, more people are growing tomatoes [...]

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6 Essential Tips for Your Home Garden

According to many researchers, gardening can be a very therapeutic activity. It feels great to work with a seed and watch it flourish. A garden in your backyard can provide you with a healthy supply of greengrocery without having to drive to the nearby grocery store every time. In addition, RENEW Real Estate in Brentwood [...]

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