How Pinnacle Foundation Repair Can Save You Money

According to a recent report,  ‘88 percent of homeowners did a major home repair in the last year’. While this is necessary to keep your residential or commercial property in good order, studies suggest that the amount that we’re spending each year on repairs is gradually rising. This is because consumers do not properly research [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Appoint A Professional Foundation Repair Contractor

Did you know that the average age of a home in the United States is 37 years? The average age of a home varies depending on where it is purchased, with homes in the northeast being older. Issues such as foundation cracks are more prone to occur in older homes. Every home's Foundation settles over [...]

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5 Warning Signs That You Have a Foundation Problem

When you have a foundation problem, you want to make sure you know as early as possible. Draper Realty says, the earlier you catch foundation problems, the more likely you are to be able to fix it without seriously invasive and difficult measures. If you’re dealing with foundation problems, you need to know early on, [...]

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How To Know If Your Home Needs A Foundation Repair

The sound of needing repairs in your home foundation can be very intimidating. The overwhelming anxiety you feel when you don’t know what to look for or how will it be repaired and even more what the cost is going to be. Weakening home foundation signs don’t only appear on the ceilings and floors. They can [...]

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Six Benefits of Using Helical Piers in Foundation Work

When you are building a foundation or repairing one, you may need to turn to helical piers for added stability. Architects and engineers use them when deep foundations need digging for massive buildings or unusual soil conditions. There are several advantages to using helical piers that go beyond their basic ability to provide added strength [...]

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How to Detect a Foundation Water Leak in Your House

You are in your home when all of sudden you begin noticing that there is water in your basement or in the foundation of your home. You are unsure when the water leak began, but the puddle of water is growing bigger by the day. You think about calling in a professional water leak detection [...]

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How to deal with foundation issues

For a lot of property holders, their house is the biggest venture of their family's fortune. They anticipate that their home investment will increment in value and that it will help in sending their children to school or paying for their costs in retirement. Tragically, foundation can sometimes cause problems to your basic foundation and [...]

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