How touchless faucets work

To many people, touchless faucets are a technological miracle. You just place your hand below the spout and immediately water begins to flow. It literally works like magic, but if you study the inner workings of the faucets you will learn that this is a simple system that could help you enhance sanitization at your [...]

How to choose a bathroom vanity

One of the most important things when building a new or remodeling an existing bathroom is choosing the proper bathroom vanity that will suit all your needs and incorporate in your overall bathroom design. This is not an easy task at all and there are many things to consider before you go out and buy [...]

How to fix a leaky faucet

Leaking kitchen faucet can be very annoying when it slowly drips the entire night. Normally, you wil not call the plumber because you can buy a new kitchen faucet for the price of the repair. Kitchen faucets are not that complicated and there are few typical places where the leak usually appears. You don't need [...]