Renewable Energy – Are They A Good Alternative For Businesses?

Sustainable power is solid and abundant and will possibly be exceptionally modest once innovation and foundation improve. It incorporates sun powered, wind, geothermal, hydropower and flowing energy, in addition to biofuels that are developed and collected without petroleum derivatives. Non-renewable energy, like coal and oil, require exorbitant investigations and conceivably hazardous mining and are boring, [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Solar Power to Business?

Solar is one of the fastest growing renewable source of energy around the world. Countries, businesses and individuals are investing in solar power systems to supplement or replace other energy sources. Although solar only contributes a small percentage to the total global energy production, installation has more than quadrupled in the last five years. One [...]

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3 Reasons Why Renewable Energy Sources Are the Future of Energy

Over the years, the strengthened awareness regarding increasing pollution, dwindling resources, and the skyrocketing price of fossil fuels has motivated and driven an increased investment and interest in renewable energy resources. The effects of global warming can already be experienced in our day-to-day lives. While we cannot overcome our dependence on energy, what we can [...]

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Factors to Consider Solar System for Your Home?

Electricity is vital in our everyday life. Homeowners make it a priority to get a steady power supply. In doing this, many opt for solar panels. These panels convert the sun’s energy into current electricity. So, as long as there is exposure to the sun, electricity can be generated. As you are planning to install [...]

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What Are The Benefits Of Smart Meter Boilers?

Smart meters are next-generation electricity and gas meters. What they do is provide real-time data and remove the need for physical readings. And this is possible through direct communication with energy suppliers. Ever since the UK government set plans to install smart meters in every residence across the UK by 2020, they've - smart meters [...]

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What You Need to Know About Using Solar Power

Solar power is energy that is generated directly from the sun in the form of thermal or electric energy. solar panels are the most common way to capture solar energy to transform the sun’s rays into electricity. Additionally, commercial properties, as well as residential, can opt to install hot shower systems which basically can use [...]

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4 Things You Should Know About How Solar Proposal Software Works

Gone are those times when only a handful of big companies were in the solar energy business. Nowadays, the industry is brimming with large and small entrepreneurs, all the more so, newcomers are showing up on the scene on a daily basis. With so many providers available out there, it’s getting harder and harder to [...]

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Solar Grants FAQ: How to Get Information on Solar Grants in Ireland

Over the years, there’s been a paradigm shift from what used to be conventional electricity supply to renewable or green energy. Solar panels when installed provide energy that can be used to run daily activities both in the home or office. Despite how popular solar energy has become in Ireland, many people do not know [...]

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How to make your property more energy efficient

Energy efficiency in your home is not an insurmountable task and it’s not something that needs to set you back thousands of dollars. It’s something that can actually save you money in the long term and will significantly add to the resale value of your property. So, what could you be doing today to save [...]

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