What is a micro:bit and what can it do?

A micro bit, or micro:bit, is a pocket-sized computer that can be used to introduce you to software and teach you about how some hardware works together. It is typically made up of an LED light display, two buttons, sensors, and many input/output features. More than 2000 schools across the UK benefit from free access [...]

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How Can I Get My PCB Designed?

Designing a printed circuit board (PCB) requires several steps to ensure a successful outcome. They are essential components in many modern electronics. Having a good design makes a significant difference in the performance and reliability of your device. In this article, we will explore the steps you can take to get your PCB designed. Identify [...]

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Unplugged Electronics: Safe From Emp?

If you're wondering whether or not an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) may damage an unplugged electronic device, remember that such a surge of energy can destroy the circuits of most commercial gadgets. In practical terms, the answer is "yes." The metal component of the device would serve as an antenna. A Faraday cage is an essential [...]

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