Incredible Benefits Of A Condenser Dryer, Plus Tips On How To Clean It

You and your family are thinking of adding to your laundry equipment and lessening the wash-workload. This can be accomplished by switching from manual to automatic, and a dryer is it. You’ve heard about condenser dryers but are unsure if it’s the right choice for your household, compared to its alternatives. So, you’re trying to Learn [...]

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How to Decide If a Dryer Repair is Worth It

Perhaps one of the most common questions surrounding appliance repair is the tradeoff between repairing and replacing. And how to know when you should opt for one over the other. This is something that’s sent homeowners for a loophole for years. And unfortunately, there’s still not a clear cut answer out there that’s universally accepted. [...]

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How to extend lifespan of major appliances

Major appliances cost a lot of money and nobody can argue that. Because of that, our main goal is to keep them running efficiently as long as possible. Don't trust those who make you believe that the lifespan of an appliance matches the time of warranty. Well maintained and serviced appliances can last for 10 [...]

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