Everything to know about a flush wall door

Choosing a Filomuro door is a selection based on different interior design needs: preserving a room's minimal aesthetic; making access to secondary areas – such as cupboards or storage rooms – less obvious; allowing distinctive decorative features over larger areas, including the "door" throughout the decorative procedure. Today, Filomuro, our collection of doors fitting flat to [...]

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How To Choose The Best Exterior Door Companies In Baldwin

One of your most important responsibilities as a homeowner is ensuring security. This can be done in a number of ways, such as employing security personnel, having watchdogs, and implementing smart security solutions to mention but a few. The most basic way to secure the house is by making sure that a good quality exterior [...]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Doors

It is only logical to think about your doors when you think of safety in your residential and/or commercial space. This is because this hardware is designed to protect you from intruders. Well, a good external or internal door should be able to offer you just more than protection. Some of the other things it [...]

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Doors: The Basics of Commercial Door Repair in Brevard County

Repairing commercial doors refers to the act of restoring a door to its original functionality after it has sustained damage. Brevard County, FL businesses and homeowners alike rely on the ability of their doors to provide protection in every sense of the word. In fact, keeping a door well- maintained is essential if you want [...]

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5 Signs To Know It’s Time For A Door Replacement

Being one of the most important parts of your home, doors are more than just your entry to your house and different areas inside it. Particularly, your entrance door serves as your privacy, safety, and protection from harsh external elements. It’s also the focal point of your home from the outside. Kelly Window & Door are [...]

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5 Actionable Tips To Extend The Life Of Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are a critical element for any business establishment because they keep your premises secure. Moreover, good-looking entryways make a great first impression on customers and visitors. Even as you may not think twice about commercial doors, they deserve a lot more attention than you normally give. Compared to residential doors, they take a [...]

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