Ways to Properly Install Your Dishwasher

So you’ve finally replaced your old dishwasher or whatever item that held its space before in your kitchen. Now, installing it is another undertaking altogether, it requires some research, mechanical skills, and adequate knowledge of electricity (for safety). If you purchased it with an installation fee included, then sit back and relax, but if you’re [...]

Dishwasher repair tips

Dishwasher repair might seem like an obstacle to most people, when in reality; it is just a complex machine that needs to be understood in regards to its component and operational function(s). Many components play into a dishwashing machine role. Once we realize that a dishwasher is more than just a box that you can [...]

Common Dishwasher Faults and How to Fix Them?

Dishwashers aren’t the most complicated appliances. They are essentially water heaters that spray detergent and hot, pressurized water at dishes until they’re free from food, grease and bacteria. Because dishwashers are fairly simple mechanically, most of the problems they suffer from are minor and can be fixed by even the most unlikely DIY-er. That’s why [...]

Retro Kitchen Appliances

Retro or vintage kitchens and retro kitchen appliances became very popular in the last few years. That's mainly because modern appliances tend to look more like space ships rather than kitchen appliances. On the other hand, vintage and retro kitchen appliances have soul and they are designed to just look beautiful in your kitchen. First [...]

How to repair a dishwasher

Is your dishwasher not draining, is it drains very slowly, is it very noisy or smelly? If you have any of these problems then this video is the solution.In around 90% of the cases dishwasher can be fixed without spending no money at all and you just need to disassemble the draining mechanism and clean [...]

Dangers lurking in your home

Home is often considered a place of safety and comfort but you must be aware of hidden dangers lurking in your kitchen, bathroom and even in your bedroom. Don't start panicking just yet, all this dangers can be prevented and avoided and in this article we will give you tips on how to keep your home [...]

Dishwasher vs sink

There is no cooking without water and there is no kitchen without sink. Beside cooking plate sink is the most important thing in every kitchen because half of work in the kitchen is done around the sink. Among other things in the sink we clean, wash and prepare ingredients but also we wash and dry [...]