Eco-Friendly Dishwasher Detergent Pods, A Quick Guide

Dishwasher detergent has become a part of the daily routine for many families, and most people probably use the same brand all the time. But have you ever stopped to think about how that dishwasher detergent is affecting your environment or, more importantly- your health? Most people don't put too much thought into their dishwasher detergent. [...]

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How to Measure Your Kitchen for a New Dishwasher

Dishwashers come in standard sizes, and some feature adjustable feet for more or less height. The height and depth are often standard, but the width varies greatly. Homeowners should measure the opening and choose the right size for efficient installation and functionality. The right size also reduces breakdowns and makes dishwasher repair easier when you [...]

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Retro Kitchen Appliances

Retro or vintage kitchens and retro kitchen appliances became very popular in the last few years. That's mainly because modern appliances tend to look more like space ships rather than kitchen appliances. On the other hand, vintage and retro kitchen appliances have soul and they are designed to just look beautiful in your kitchen. First [...]

Ways to Properly Install Your Dishwasher

So you’ve finally replaced your old dishwasher or whatever item that held its space before in your kitchen. Now, installing it is another undertaking altogether, it requires some research, mechanical skills, and adequate knowledge of electricity (for safety). If you purchased it with an installation fee included, then sit back and relax, but if you’re [...]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Dishwasher

A commercial dishwasher is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen. It’s a valuable investment that makes cleaning dishes a breezee, especially when you’re running a large food business. Regular maintenance and repairs go a long way in preventing early stages of damage from your dishwasher’s components and will [...]

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Dishwasher repair tips

Dishwasher repair might seem like an obstacle to most people, when in reality; it is just a complex machine that needs to be understood in regards to its component and operational function(s). Many components play into a dishwashing machine role. Once we realize that a dishwasher is more than just a box that you can [...]

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Common Dishwasher Faults and How to Fix Them?

Dishwashers aren’t the most complicated appliances. They are essentially water heaters that spray detergent and hot, pressurized water at dishes until they’re free from food, grease and bacteria. Because dishwashers are fairly simple mechanically, most of the problems they suffer from are minor and can be fixed by even the most unlikely DIY-er. That’s why [...]

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