The 10 Best Home Office Desks Or Computer Tables On The Market

Sometimes, the most important part of a well-designed study table is finding one you can afford. We've compiled the 10 best home office desks or computer tables on the market that are affordable and stylish. Top 10 Best Home Office Desks or Computer Tables When looking for the best home office desks, it is important [...]

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DIY Computer Desk: How To Build Your Home Office in 5 Steps

Building a DIY computer desk is easy and affordable. The required tools and materials are easy to find, making  the whole desk-making process quick. Now you can work comfortably with a workstation that is customized according to your requirements and room space. If you’re wondering how to get started and create your DIY home office [...]

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How To Manage Your Cables Without Ruining Your Desk

With more people working from home at least some of the time, setting up a quality home office space has never been more important. A significant amount of that office space will be dedicated to electronic devices, where are a necessity for modern productivity. This can pose a problem, however, because the more electronic devices [...]

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Spending Too Much Time On Your Desk? Here’s How To Prevent Health Risks

According to research by the CDC, 1 in 4 Americans sits down for more than 8 hours a day. Other studies have found that a sedentary lifestyle increases a person's death rate by 71%. Even with 4-7 hours of weekly exercise, 5-6 hours of sitting a day increases a person’s mortality rate by 50%. From [...]

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