6 Non-Traditional Ways To Decorate Your Home For Christmas  

Traditionally, most homeowners hang plenty of stockings near the Christmas tree where they can put the gifts for their children. In addition, they always go with the old yet classic red-and-green theme because it simply highlights this holiday season. To finish the look, they make a huge wreath and hang it on their door as [...]

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Tips For Decorating Vacation Rentals / Short-Term Rentals

Besides price, one of the things clients look out for when selecting a short-term rental is the décor. They try to imagine themselves in the space and determine if they'll feel comfortable there. As a short-term rental business owner, you might want to spice up your properties a little. This will have them looking welcoming [...]

Wooden Home Decorating Tips

Wooden home decor ideas are suitable for anyone who wants to build a cozy cottage atmosphere in their home. Since wood décor is simple to come by and maintain, why not use it to build a trendy and charming interior design? With the addition of some antique accents, you'll have a lovely living room that [...]

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