3 Creative Ways to Sell a Damaged Property

Sometimes you have to get creative when trying to sell a house, especially when it’s been damaged. Creative ways to sell a damaged property include making a Zillow account and listing the property as For Sale By Owner, posting the property on Craigslist, and auctioning off the property. You don’t necessarily need to fix the [...]

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Hail Damage? Here’s 6 House Repair Tips For Homeowners

Hail is a severe weather condition that can cause significant damage to your property, tearing up the sidings of houses, destroying roofs, shattering windows, damaging cars, and, on some occasions, claiming lives. What makes it dangerous is its size. Hailstones that form when updrafts inside thunderstorm clouds become so large that some can even be [...]

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How to Spot Water Heater Damage and Find out The Cause

Who doesn’t dread a water heater emergency? Going without hot water is frustrating, especially when the temperatures drop. Routine checks and maintenance service helps to keep the appliance in top shape and avoid emergencies. Water heaters fail, and apart from cold water, you could be dealing with other problems such as leaks, water damage, and [...]

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What to Do if a Tenant Damages Rental Property in Ontario

Every landlord’s nightmare is a tenant that destroys their property either during their stay or during eviction. Pet owning tenants are more likely to cause damage to rental property. Dog damage to rental property is a common complaint. Sometimes, tenants become hostile during an eviction and may rip up the place or steal appliances. The [...]

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Are Pests Damaging My Roof? 3 Signs You May Have a Problem and How to Fix It

You never want to find any signs of pests in your home. Whether it’s in your cupboards or your basement, pests are always unwelcome guests that can cause serious damage to your home. One part of your house you may not even have thought to check for signs of pests is your roof. No one [...]

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How to deal with ceiling water damage

Ceiling damage due to water is a very common problem in households as well as corporate buildings. The most popular reason behind this issue is heavy rainfall. Though it is also caused by waterlogging, leakage from a tap, bursting of pipes, or due to old stature of a building. Let's go through the steps about [...]

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Signs and Symptoms of Roof Damage You Should Look For

One integral part of any structure is the roof. This part of the home provides protection from the elements and provides a visual appeal to the home. Keeping your roof in top condition is vital because damages in your roof will have various effects on the entire structure. Dangerous Effects of Damaged Roof If you [...]

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