How Arizona Real Estate Is Changing In A World Of Covid-19

Globally, everything is in turmoil, from the health sector to the tourism sector. The housing market is not different. However, this might prove suitable for real estate investors and anyone who wants to buy a home property. Even in these troubled times, Arizona’s housing market is standing out with its positive dynamics. Despite the new virus, [...]

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What’s the Most Efficient Way to Corona-Proof Your Home?

People all know that the COVID-19 virus continues to spread from person to person, which most typically happens between close contacts. Meanwhile, it is also possible to spread it to persons from surfaces and items contaminated with the virus, such as doorknobs, floor tiles, etc. Recent evidence indicates that this can remain viable for hours [...]

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Handy Cleaning Tips That Will Keep Your Home Free From Covid-19

As Covid-19 is still widespread around the world, this is the best time to make sure cleanliness is maintained inside your home to protect you and reduce the risk of being infected. Earlier during the onset of the novel coronavirus, several research studies came out saying that it is being transmitted rapidly through droplets of [...]

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