How to Find a Reliable Contractor

Finding a contractor to do work on your house is tricky business. The person or company you bring in will be responsible for improving your home, so it is crucial you hire the right provider. We have all heard horror stories about builders who overcharge, skimp on quality materials, leave halfway through a project, or [...]

7 Key Tips to Avoid a Contractor Nightmare

When you talk to customers, you’ll notice the level of fear people have when it comes to contractors. People are showing their hesitance in hiring remodeling contractors for their homes. Contractor nightmares are commonplace, with 85% of Americans considering remodeling to be a stressful event. If you want to remodel, you need to know how [...]

What you should know about hiring a contractor

Imagine Pablo Picasso directed his idea of Guernica for painting by another artist. Even if he had chosen the color palette and illustrated the fine stokes, the larger than life painting would look a far sight in comparison to Picasso's original idea. The difficulty in converting another person's idea into something tangible causes tension between [...]

What Should I Look for in a Contractor?

Hiring a contractor to make improvements or repairs to your home can be scary business. You have put a good deal of time, effort and money into your home and you have heard many horror stories about bad contractors. A good contractor will have solid credentials, offer you a detailed written agreement and will not [...]

How to Deal with a Bad Contractor

If you just purchased one of the Philadelphia homes for sale and want to make it more suitable for your family, or perhaps you’ve been living in your Pittsburgh, Dallas or Phoenix homes for years and want to add on room or make any other renovation, you’ll probably hire a contractor to do it. As [...]