How to Polish Concrete that Lasts Long

Polished concrete has a sophisticated look. It not only smooths the surface but also adds to the beauty of the surface. It enriches the surface with more durability and improves the overall conditions of the material. This article focuses on polishing concrete floor surfaces in a way that polish lasts for a longer period. Polishing [...]

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Effective ways to utilise concrete in the garden

Concrete can be used in various ways both inside the home and outside in your garden space. Most people use concrete to build sculptures, driveways and footpaths. However, the recent industrial home trend has introduced concrete walls, outdoor kitchens and indoor concrete flooring. Concrete is visually appealing, durable and affordable. It is versatile and can [...]

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4 Tricks for Spotless Concrete Cleaning

Concrete floors have become very popular for most property owners nowadays. Since Concrete floors are porous material, they need regular cleaning, and the concrete cleaner should be a natural concrete cleaner. Concrete can easily absorb substances, so the various styles of concrete flooring demand various cleaning methods. When it comes to cleaning concrete floors, the [...]

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How to stain old concrete

“Can you stain old concrete?” One of the most frequently asked questions asked by property owners to flooring experts like The Concrete Guy. The answer is yes, an old damaged concrete pad can have a fresh look by applying a stain and sealer. Your concrete’s age should not deter you from staining it and giving [...]

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How to Level Concrete Floors That slope

Concrete floors that slope can be a difficult problem to solve. Paradigm Concrete Finishes gives a full overview of the best way to tackle sloping concrete floors and the easiest ways to remedy the problem. The first thing needed is to figure out how much the concrete is sloping. If you have a differential of [...]

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Difference Between Plastic And Concrete Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are an indispensable part of every household. They are the main component in the wastewater plumbing process, but let's be real. How often do you actually think about the septic tank? Many people don't think about it either until something goes wrong. When it comes to that, it could be too late to [...]

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Can Old and Worn Out Concrete Be Polished?

Refurbishing your home can be a really fun and exciting activity. If your family does so frequently, then there won’t be much to do, especially if everything is maintained properly. However, not everything must be maintained frequently, and can only be fixed once some damage has occurred. Over time, however, things will get worn out, [...]

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