What is Shotcrete and When is It Used?

Shotcrete is mortar or excellent concrete deposited by jetting it with high velocity onto the prepared surface. It can be either a dry or wet cement depending upon the manufacturing process. You can choose the right shotcrete mix to meet your project requirements. You can put the mixture in place by spraying the structure into [...]

What is Concrete Formwork?

Concrete formwork is the mold that holds wet concrete in one place while it cures. You can either choose a temporary formwork or a permanent formwork for your construction site. Temporary formwork is a reusable formwork and can be used multiple times. When concrete is fully set, you can remove the temporary formwork while permanent [...]

How to Polish Concrete that Lasts Long

Polished concrete has a sophisticated look. It not only smooths the surface but also adds to the beauty of the surface. It enriches the surface with more durability and improves the overall conditions of the material. This article focuses on polishing concrete floor surfaces in a way that polish lasts for a longer period. Polishing [...]

How Far Can They Pump Concrete?

Concrete pumping is the process of transportation of the freshly mixed cement from a  container to the desired place where concrete is needed at the construction site. You can use this method where a large amount of concrete is required, usually at greater heights or when other ways of transporting the cement are not possible. [...]

How to Pour a Concrete Driveway?

It is easy to pour a concrete driveway especially when you have to work on smaller projects. All you need to make sure is to place all the concrete at once. Also, if it is a big driveway, break it into smaller manageable sections. Explore the insights of the article to build an attractive concrete [...]

Effective ways to utilise concrete in the garden

Concrete can be used in various ways both inside the home and outside in your garden space. Most people use concrete to build sculptures, driveways and footpaths. However, the recent industrial home trend has introduced concrete walls, outdoor kitchens and indoor concrete flooring. Concrete is visually appealing, durable and affordable. It is versatile and can [...]

4 Tricks for Spotless Concrete Cleaning

Concrete floors have become very popular for most property owners nowadays. Since Concrete floors are porous material, they need regular cleaning, and the concrete cleaner should be a natural concrete cleaner. Concrete can easily absorb substances, so the various styles of concrete flooring demand various cleaning methods. When it comes to cleaning concrete floors, the [...]