CNC Plasma Vs. Fiber Laser Cutting: Which One Is Right for You?

Fiber laser cutting and plasma cutting technologies enjoy widespread implementation in the production fields depending on user needs. Both methods are decent solutions to cut metals, which otherwise cannot get accomplished with traditional cutting. The distinctions between fiber laser cutting and CNC plasma cutting must be accounted for when picking a solution exclusively for your [...]

The CNC Wood Router: How Does It Work?

A router creates a hole in a chosen material. The old word, rout, means to dig, so a router was originally a hand-held machine designed to rout or dig out material. Today’s routers come in small, hand-held devices for the home hobbyist, or giant industrial-sized machines intended to carve out patterns in material many feet [...]

How to use CNC wood router

If you are looking for an activity that would occupy your time, then diving into the CNC router activity will get you hooked. It is also suitable for those people with interest in art, development of products, and production work. CNC is an abbreviation of computer numerical control, and its router is used in cutting [...]