What are The Advantages of Cladding?

Cladding is a method that creates a stylish and modern look for your home. Such as the walls, ceilings, floors, and more. A company such as Cladding Direct specializes in what type of material is best suited for a specific room in your home. With the use of PVC cladding and PVC panels. You are [...]

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Some Tips to Choose the Right Cladding for Adding Joy to your Home Exteriors

The hazards of nature pose a threat to your home’s exterior structure. Considering a wall cladding sounds like the best decision to keep harsh conditions from wearing out your home. Wall cladding is the second skin for your home. It will guarantee that your walls are well-protected. It translates into a durable structure, making your [...]

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Vinyl Cladding – What is it and how can it help with my project?

A flexible and reliable solution to a number of handy needs, vinyl cladding offers reliable protection at a flexible price-point. However, with so many options available on the market it can be difficult to know when you choose cladding as a preferred solution and make sure that it’s the right fit for the job. So, [...]

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3 Best Interior Cladding Options

Mention the word cladding and the first thing that usually comes to mind is vinyl or palliside cladding for the exterior of your home. However, cladding isn’t just something that improves the look of the outside of your home, it can also be used inside your home. Why Clad Inside? Cladding interior walls is a [...]

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Comparing Popular Siding/Cladding Materials

Deciding on cladding for your home is a popular choice as they are generally long lasting and low maintenance. However, this is only the first step. There are many different types of cladding materials, some need more maintenance than others and the cost of each can be dramatically different. Alongside this, you’ll need to consider [...]

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