7 Repairs & Renovations To Conduct In Your Backyard Before Setting Up A Chicken Coop

There's no doubt that having a backyard poultry farming business is a fun and lucrative way to utilize extra backyard space. Running a poultry farm may require tremendous learning, logistics and management at first, but it soon becomes a well-oiled machine that earns you a neat profit every day from eggs and meat. One of [...]

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Top Benefits of Having Automatic Chicken Coop Doors

Raising chickens requires time and effort. You also need ample space to accommodate them. However, the popularity of raising and keeping chickens in the 21st century is on the rise. There is a multitude of reasons for this, but there is some interesting new technology around it, and an automatic coop door opener is definitely [...]

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What Makes A Good Chicken Coop?

Having pets keeps you active and productive throughout the whole day. Taking care of such creatures that you’re attached to is a great feeling. Most people prefer cats and dogs over other animals, however, some love to have pet chickens in their backyards. It’s a treat to see them being active while chasing each other [...]

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How to Create a Safe Environment for Your Backyard Chickens

One of the most popular animals to keep, especially in the countryside are chickens. They don’t require much energy and everyone loves to watch them go about their day. These feathered pets need to be kept safe from predators as well as themselves. If you have your own flock or plan on keeping one, you [...]

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