How Many People Fit in a Yurt?

What Is A Yurt? A yurt is known as a circular, portable dwelling that is considered an ancient version of a tent. Yurts originated from Central Asia and Mongolia where they were used as the primary type of dwelling and portable shelter for nomads. Today, yurts are widely used all over the world as accommodation [...]

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Camping Alone – The Do’s and Don’ts

I think everyone should camp alone at least once in their life! You’ll finally get some time to unwind in peace, away from the expectations and noise of other people. Don’t get me wrong. I love camping with my friends and family, too. But it’s a totally different experience when you pack your rucksack and [...]

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Survival Kit for Camping: The Essentials

A survival kit is one of the first things to put in your backpack before heading into the forest. Such a kit should contain everything you need to help you cope with even the most challenging situation. For many, a ready-made, pre-packaged survival kit from the store is ideal. However, depending on the conditions in [...]

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Essentials That Will Make Your Camping Trip Easier

Several people enjoy camping for many reasons, including disconnecting from emerging technologies and reconnecting with natural surroundings. Some go camping with friends and family to help grow their connections, and they get the chance to reunite away from all the stresses at home. One of camping's greatest and perhaps most significant perspectives is how it [...]

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Why You Should Bring a Portable Generator When Camping With Friends

Camping has long since been an activity done by many as a chance to enjoy their solitude, or solitude amongst friends. Solitude that is enjoyed even more by the fact that one is surrounded by nature in all its unspoiled grandeur. Unfortunately, the call of civilization is always so strong, and people tend to have [...]

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