8 Things to do After You Buy Your Home

If you’ve just bought your first home, congratulations! Take a moment to relax after the hectic process of making an offer on the house, securing your mortgage, and having inspections done before finally closing the deal. You might think the hard work is done and dusted, but things are just getting started. To ensure that [...]

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Planning An Investment? Know How Mobile Homes Can Be A Good Choice

Every year in America both new and seasoned property investors go searching for investment properties to add to their portfolios. Real estate is always popular because it’s relatively safe and profitable, but investing in traditional housing isn’t the only option available to investors. If you aim to seek out a good investment with high-profit potential, [...]

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Do’s And Don’t For Buying A Real Estate In Florida

Acquiring a home in great Florida is really an exciting and romantic exploration at any duration. As surplus boomers are departing and the millennials have evolved the best and fastest-growing market of the homebuyers, the trend is shifting. With a slight bit of understanding vacation investment home guide and a skilled dealer by your standpoint, [...]

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Tips for Buying Your First Home and Mistakes to Avoid

The prospect of purchasing a home comes with a lot of feelings. At the very least, purchasing your first home is an overwhelming experience. These feelings are often magnified, especially if you're a first-time homebuyer; still, seasoned homebuyers usually find it challenging at times. To that end, most of the homebuyers often experience setbacks when [...]

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How to purchase a home for 98 cents on the dollar?

That’s it! You have decided to perform a 1031-exchange in order to postpone paying capital gains taxes on an investment property at the time of its sale. In other words, you are purchasing a property with the profit generated on the sale of the another property. As an expert investor, you already know you can [...]

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