The vegetable gardeners bible

The vegetable gardener’s bible

The impulse to grow your own vegetables is stronger than ever. You can no longer trust the data stated on the label, especially on imported vegetables. Many big manufacturers have organic certificates for vegetables but in fact they are still using chemicals and pesticides when growing their vegetables. Food in supermarkets is good to look at, …

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Be in a treehouse

Be in a Treehouse: Design/Construction/Inspiration

The book from Pete Nelson, the world’s best-known treehouse designer and builder, Be in a treehouse is here to ignite your imagination. His new book is a comprehensive source of inspiration and practical information about treehouse design and construction. Pete shares the basics of treehouse construction with his own recent projects from the series Treehouse masters …

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Getting started in woodturning

Getting Started in Woodturning

Getting Started in Woodturning: 18 Practical Projects & Expert Advice on Safety, Tools & Techniques book was written by woodturners for woodturners, and edited by John Kelsey. The book features, on 224 pages, beneficial information and shop-tested insights to help learners expand their journey into the art and craft of woodturning. The book covers every aspect of …

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guide to joinery

The complete illustrated guide to joinery

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery describes how to make every practical woodworking joint in a series full-color step-by-step photographic tutorials. The real value of this book is it’s coverage of the many ways to get the same result. The book is organized for quick access, using visual maps, and detailed visual contents. The book …

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modern refrigeration and air conditioning

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The modern refrigeration and air conditioning is the book in which three refrigeration and air-conditioning gurus share the secrets of the world’s most essential cooling devices, leading the reader from the fundamentals of refrigeration to the use of solar energy for cooling. The book includes discussions on compression systems, refrigerants, service and installation, fundamentals of …

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renewable energy

Renewable energy & Sustainable design

Global warming and global climate changes forces us to reconsider our energy sources. If we want to stop or slow down these changes we must consider using renewable energy sources in every aspect of our life, from industry, transportation and, most importantly, our homes. If we want to see changes we must not wait for …

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handy dad

Handy dad

In the world of computers, tablets and game consoles children are forgetting the true meaning of childhood. Every day the number of children playing in the street and parks is smaller and fathers don’t spend enough time with their kids anymore. With Handy dad book you can change that and spend more quality time with …

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