Reduce Costs in Your Home: Convert Your Toilet into a Bidet

A bidet is a bathroom accessory made to clean your privates after using the restroom. Nothing can take the place of a bidet for anyone who wishes to stay clean and fresh regularly without using a shower or bathtub. Types of Bidets 1.   Vertical Bidet Spray The P-trap that protrudes horizontally from the wall is [...]

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Are Toilet Bidets Really Necessary?

Many people have heard of toilet bidets, but are they really necessary? And are they better than using toilet paper? Is there any scientific evidence to support their use? Just as an old proverb once said, “every coin has two sides”, the necessity of toilet bidets also follows this principle. Therefore, if you are a [...]

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Can I install a bidet on my own?

Bidet Installation - How to Install a Bidet The bidet installation process involves plumbing, and requires a plumber to install the toilet seat, drain, and bidet. The bidet's drain may require an opening in the wall or floor, and the installation process may include patching and painting the wall or floor before you install it. [...]

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