Tips for Renovating Your Bathtub

Bathtub and bathroom renovations are among the most common home improvement projects. And it's for good reason: the bathroom is usually smaller than other places in the house, so renovating it isn't as costly as renovating a kitchen or a bedroom. On top of that, a nice and clean bathroom can make you feel good [...]

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Choosing The Best Bathtub For Your Home Should Not Be Difficult: Here’s why

For most homeowners, picking the right bathtub for your home can seem challenging. The installation process and the money involved in replacing a bathtub are more than what they want to spend more than once. Therefore, it is vital to select the perfect one for their homes. Selecting the perfect bathtubs for homes shouldn’t be [...]

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How To Fix & Unclog A Bathtub Drain (With Standing Water)

Could it be that your bathtub struggles and is not draining? But what to do when the tub clogs? It happens to everyone. A clogged tub full of water that barely drains is always an annoying and frustrating chore to tackle. More than a mere source of discomfort, clogged drains bring health and home safety [...]

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How to Install a Freestanding Air Tub on the Concrete Slab

If you are remodeling your bathroom or the bathroom is under construction, installing a freestanding air tub is a luxurious and relatively easy process. Freestanding air tubs are the most distinctive choices you can make, and you will love the different options available. These tubs can be streamlined, chic, modern, or more traditional looking. If [...]

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