How to Fix Old Basement Walls in Homes

Basement wall issues are unfortunately common. Foundations can damage. Plus, small leaks can gradually cause more significant cracks. If you fix an old basement wall without addressing the cause, you’re setting yourself up for a disaster. There’s always a reason for a basement wall to crack. It comes from pressure. By determining how to relieve [...]

Why Is Mold Growing In Your Basement

One of the biggest issues properties with basements have is the presence of mold and mildew. There are several reasons why mold chooses to grow exactly in that spot, and one of them is due to moisture. While you can deal with the issue yourself, it’s a task most people leave to professionals like [...]

Basement Waterproofing

Not only does a leaky basement decrease your house’s value, but it also makes it prone to flooding. To prevent such dreadful scenarios from occurring, it would be best to waterproof it. This will enable you to use your basement to its fullest without being concerned about the water damaging your home's foundation and weakening [...]