Choosing a Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)

Manufacturers are offering cutting-edge new technology to enhance indoor air quality to meet the industry's demanding current ventilation regulations. One of these approaches is the installation of dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), which can help control humidity and temperature. A DOAS unit can be useful in schools, hospitals, businesses, and other commercial settings. Technicians and [...]

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7 Year-Round Tips to Maintain Air Quality in Your Home

We mainly focus on the outdoor air quality, but our home’s air quality is equally important and should not be overlooked. Your home’s indoor air quality could be the cause of some of the stubborn allergies or worse breathing issues your family could face. Several factors like humidity levels, inadequate ventilation, pets, dust, etc., could [...]

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How Using Air Purifiers Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Getting rid of sources of pollutants is the most effective strategy for improving indoor air quality. Also, ventilating and filtration can serve as a perfect supplement for controlling the sources of air pollutants. Installing or upgrading the air purifiers in your ventilation or air conditioning systems will help to reduce indoor air pollution. While air [...]

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