How to get rid of moles

How to get rid of moles - mole

There is no worst feeling for a gardener or a homeowner than seeing a dozen mounds in your garden or lawn in the morning. If you ever tried to battle with moles then you know that you have to win many battles in order to win in a war against moles. Some will say that few moles […]

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Best gardening software

Everybody will agree that gardening is an excellent hobby for stress relief and it is a hobby with many benefits like healthier nutrition and exercise on fresh air. But beware, gardening can be a frustrating hobby if you don’t know anything about it. Luckily today we have many websites dedicated to gardening and also many

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Composting leads to the healthful ground

eco vegetable garden

Compost is a organic material which  through ecological process becomes a fertilizer for the ground. Adding compost to the ground enhances the quality of the soil and enriches the soil with nutrients. Making compost takes weeks or even couple of months and it all depends on type of organic material which we put in the

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Husqvarna HU700F lawn mower

The Husqvarna HU700F lawn mower is self-propelled and equipped with a heavy-duty steel cutting deck featuring collection, mulch and side discharge, offering you added versatility in terms of mowing frequency and cutting results. Variable drive speed allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn and high rear

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