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How To Fix & Unclog A Bathtub Drain (With Standing Water)

Could it be that your bathtub struggles and is not draining? But what to do when the tub clogs? It happens to everyone. A clogged tub full of water that barely drains is always an annoying and frustrating chore to tackle. More than a mere source of discomfort, clogged drains bring health and home safety [...]

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What Is the Best Shower Door Glass Thickness?

At Handymantips.org, we know that choosing the right shower door comes down to glass thickness, and you do have a choice to make the most of any small bathroom! The thickness of your shower door glass matters everything because it defines the appearance and longevity of your bath. That’s why it’s best to hire a [...]

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Essential Oils to Wooden Surfaces – Clean, Polish, Damage & Protection?

Classic wooden furniture, floors, window and door frames need love, maintenance, and care. The timeless and versatile look of the wooden interior makes it a perfect addition to design, as textures create unique and elegant home decor. When it comes to caring for wooden surfaces, there is specific know-how one should have to avoid silly [...]

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What are the Standard Door Sizes for Interior & Exterior (USA)?

No matter what is the type of construction, whether a fresh one from scratch or a remodel, measuring the size needed for doors is crucial to choosing the right front door and size. Functional-wise, the front door entrance has the key role to property, so as locks and exterior design, as our guy shows. Generally, [...]

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Metal Made Bed Frames vs Wooden Bed Frames Factors: Choosing Your Bedroom Slats

It is easy to understand why people will put so much focus on choosing the right mattress, pillows, and warm and comforting blankets for a restful sleep. Unfortunately, these things will be for naught if you do not choose the right bed frame to hold everything together while you roam your dreams. Wood and metal [...]

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Is Wood a Good Construction Material

Wood is undoubtedly the holy grail material that has been in use for years. However, over time, because of advancements in engineered products like metal and aluminum, there has been quite a decline in the use of wood as a construction material. As far as the environmental factors are concerned, the idea to not solely [...]

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Inspiring Gardening Trends for your Front yard, Backyard and Patio

What’s new in the gardening world this year? After the great success of the first guide in the series, it’s time to look in part two of the most inspiring gardening trends to make any front yard, driveway, backyard or patio garden from drab to fab! The area around your house can host many and [...]

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How to Prevent and Kill Bed Bugs in Your Mattress

There are many annoying things in life, like stubbing your toe or opening the fridge to find someone has eaten the last piece of cake but there is nothing more annoying than an encounter with the pesky critters called bed bugs. Your bed is a sacred place, a hideaway, and where you relax after the [...]

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Common Dishwasher Faults and How to Fix Them?

Dishwashers aren’t the most complicated appliances. They are essentially water heaters that spray detergent and hot, pressurized water at dishes until they’re free from food, grease and bacteria. Because dishwashers are fairly simple mechanically, most of the problems they suffer from are minor and can be fixed by even the most unlikely DIY-er. That’s why [...]

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